TTS Agro   Cooperative

About Us


This Agro-cooperative has been named Thamdada-Temke-Silichung Agrocooperative representing the three mountains spreading from north to south in the mid-eastern part of the country, and it is name as TTS in short. This acronym has been designed to be used in as popular products and as a brand name patent and symbol of standard and as an official symbol of the organization.It has been projected to be inscribed with the logo of the Cooperative and used in usuaL communicators.


This Agro-cooperative has been conceptualized and founded by devoted dedicated and hardworking leadership team of the experienced and energetic personalities engaged in different strata and disciplines. The key obiective is to transform the traditional farming practices of the Mountains and hills into export-oriented cash-crop production especially Orthodox Tea by convertina the subsistence traditional farming and the unused lands into prolific and productive resource It aims to create emplovment opportunities and contribute concretely to be national value-add through the use of environment-friendly methods bymodernizing, commercializing and marketing the value chain cash crops. The ultimate scope and goal of the organization Is to develop, expand and manage the international market and trades dealing with orthodox tea. valuable medicinal and gromatic plants (MAP spices and other precious cash crops through local resource mobilization and indigenous style of production. 


This institution has intended to extend the scope and volume of Himalayan Orthodox Tea, creating & attracting the international market and global demand. Our professional destination is the sense of cooperative, the collective investment, the maximum use of local resource, the integrated approach on environment-friendly local production, fusion of modern and local technologies, skills and knowledge together to recope enriched hidden treasure with the priority of advanced organic technoloav & research innovation. 


The concept of providing membership of the Agro-cooperative through the land pooling of local community on individual basis and investment of cash capital from the individuals harnessing the maximum local potentialities. As the resource strategies have been devised to acquire and use the public barren land through long term lease agreement. with concerned government agencies-central or provincial-forest ministry or local municipality office community forest consumers groups and so on. TTS has determined short, mid and long term goals and programs to extend strategic activities like commercial farming, producing and processing of organic orthodox tea, valuable medicinal herbs and spices.


To create & promote the excellent tea products by establishing it as the largest export-oriented Orthodox Tea Agrocooperative of the country.

To carry out commercialized and productive farming, processing, producing and marketing of organic orthodox tea, medicinal aromatic plants (MAP) and spices.

To process and package the product-orthodox tea and enhance the accesses to national and international markets.

To establish goodwill & brands in the market by maintaining high quality standard based on the indigenous quality of the products.

To apply the proactive, productive and innovative knowledge, skill and technology about orthodox Tea & herbal products by integrating the traditional, local and modern knowledge, skill and technologies together.

To increase the economic capabilities and accesses for income-generation of the members through training, practices & knowledge sharing by prioritizing the inclusive participation of backward and disadvantaged groups.

To protect. promote and utilize locally richer indigenous environment and bio-diversity by instilling environment-friendly commercialized farming

system, with organic fertilizer. bio-pesticides & bio-dynamics.

To develop commercialized farming of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAP) & their herbal production, spices, high value plants varieties and prepare their secondary & tertiary products like oil ointment, tabs, tincture, solution, powder, crystals, alcohol, lotion, mixed products etc.

To establish and develop professional farming and processing industry of indigenous spices and high valued fruits & timber plants

To identify and expand commercialized farming of local orchids, mushrooms, aromatic plants, flowers and floriculture and to invent & produce new aromatic as well as cosmetic products locally.

To create employment and income generation activities by promoting local Eco-tourism and agro-tourism.

To devise and develop consolidated cold storage, warehousing, packing and transportation in order to manage the market and supply of the produced goods especially orthodox tea & synthesized agro-products